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  • What hangars or storage are currently available?
    If there is any availability, the best person to contact is the Airport Manager, John Honemann, he can be reached via phone at 541-276-7754 ext 2 or via email at
  • What are the current availabilities in the business park?
    The best person to contact regarding the Business Park is the Aiport Manager, John Honemann, or the City of Pendleton Economic Development Director, Steve Chrisman. Please see their contact info below. John Honemann: 541-276-7754 ext 2 Steve Chrisman: (541) 966-0292
  • How do I book a flight to Pendleton?
    You can book a flight through Boutique Air's webpage here:
  • How much are plane tickets to Pendleton?
    Plane tickets are subsidized by the government, making them more affordable. Economy Non-Refundable tickets can be found for as low as $69 and as high as $89 Economy Refundable is a flat rate of $129. More prices can be found on the following site:
  • How long is the flight between Pendleton and Portland?
    The flight is roughly 55 minutes.
  • Is Boutique Air the only flight service at the Pendleton Airport?
    Yes, Boutique is currently the only airline with flights to and from Pendleton to Portland. It offers 3 round trip flights per day.
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