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The Pendleton Airport is the largest public airport in Northeast Oregon. It is located on a plateau surrounded by wheat fields, one-mile Northeast of downtown Pendleton. The city-owned facility offers three daily round-trip flights between Portland and Pendleton. The airport offers a variety of hangars, storage facilities, and shovel-ready plots of land. Complimented by a business park, the Pendleton Airport has all you need to take flight in Pendleton.

Take Flight to and from Pendleton

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Pendleton has a lot to offer; the world's largest outdoor rodeo, restaurants for every taste, resort and casino, awe-inspiring experiences, and breath-taking views. At the Pendleton Airport, we make your travels easy with three daily round-trip flights between Portland and Pendleton, no TSA, free parking, and nearby lodging. Book and take flight to Pendleton today!

Daily Flights Between Pendleton and Portland
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The Pendleton Airport and adjacent business park offer numerous opportunities for your business to launch, expand, or relocate. From our existing and build-to-suit hangars, spacious storage facilities, the most active UAS range in the United States, and more, there's a reason businesses take flight in Pendleton.

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History Runs Deep at the Pendleton Airport

The Pendleton Airport is known for its legendary history and innovative thinking. The airport is proud to be home to an operational WWII hangar and, more recently, the leading edge UAS testing facility in the United States. Click below to learn more about the Pendleton Airport.

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