PDT terminal plane and ATC tower from tarmack

The mission of the Pendleton Airport is to ensure the safety of all operations and provide exceptional service to current and future customers. In addition to supporting and promoting economic growth and activity for the betterment of the regional communities and businesses. 

The vision of the Pendleton Airport is to become the hub of aviation operations and technology, the primary driver of regional economic prosperity, and reputable for exceptional, reliable customer service.

The purpose of the Pendleton Airport is to be a catalyst for growth and economic activity that benefits regional communities, tourism, and businesses.


Airport Specifications


  • Two runways:

    • Primary Runway 8/26 – 6,301 ft. x 150 ft.

    • Crosswind 11/29 – 5,581 ft. x 100 ft. (accommodates up to Boeing 757)

  • 2,800 ft. UAS-dedicated runway 

  • Air Traffic Control Tower (6 AM – 8 PM)

  • Instrument Landing System (minimum ½ mile visibility and 200 ft. ceiling)

  • Extensive Taxiway and Apron System

  • Terrain:

    • Sparsely populated

    • Diverse

  • Rainfall:

    • ~13 inches

  • Conditions:

    • 300+ VFR Days/Year

Landside Facilities:

  • Terminal

  • Ticket counter and spacious lobby

  • Restaurant:

    • Elvis's Bar & Grill (11 AM - 9 PM) 

  • The Doolittle Conference Room for meetings, luncheons, and presentations

  • New Radisson Hotel set to open in Spring 2022

Aircraft Storage Facilities:

  • 28 T-hangars

  • 200 tie-downs

  • Two conventional hangars

Support Facilities:

  • Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Facilities (ARFF)

  • 6-bay maintenance facility

  • Snow removal equipment

  • Fuel services (Multiple FBOs)

Drone on runway at the Pendleton Airport
14,000 sq. mi. of UAS Test Range
Boutique Air inside the airplane
Luxury, Comfort, & Style
Wide Angle Airport shot
Largest Airport in NE Oregon

In Range at PDT

Radisson Hotel:

A new Radisson hotel located directly outside the Pendleton Airport is under construction. Once finished in the Spring of 2022, the hotel will offer a nearby place for temporary lodging. Rather than driving into town, you will be able to walk from the airport right to the hotel. 

Radisson Hotel concept
Airport Terminal Renovations Coming Soon:

The Pendleton Airport plans to undergo extensive renovations, including remodels of the bathrooms and kitchen, plus new windows, lighting, carpets, and paint. 

NG B52 Bomber Plane Display

The Pendleton Airport's history can be found in multiple locations like the walls of the attached Elvis's Bar and Grill. Additional history can be found at the Pendleton Air Museum in downtown Pendleton or the famous Pendleton Underground Tours. Learn about the Doolittle Raiders, Pendleton Airport's function in WWII, and, more recently, the technological developments tested at the Pendleton UAS Range.


In The News

It's not uncommon to see the Pendleton Airport in the news, as you can see from its rich history and numerous businesses that take flight in Pendleton.