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Airport Map
PDT Business Park Sign
Land Specifications


  • 750エーカーの賃貸可能、525エーカーの販売可能な隣接する工業団地

  • 交通と経済の中心的なハブ

    • 道路:冗長I-84アクセス(「2009年に追加された「グレード」アクセス」)

    • 鉄道:ユニオンパシフィック鉄道が運行する都市

    • 川:ウマティラ港(34マイル);モロー港(43.3マイル)

  • 急成長する経済とビジネス

  • 有名なイベントやブランド

UAV Industrial Park image

The UAV industrial park is located in the Northeast corner of the Pendleton Airport. The park offers shovel-ready sites where the size of the parcels can be adjusted for your needs. In addition, 16-50’x50’ UAS test pads adjacent to taxiway Golf and taxiway Foxtrot. The industrial park offers existing and build-to-suit manufacturing spaces. Pros of building in this park include: 

  • Rapid development resources

  • Secure access

  • Extensive taxiway system

  • 24/7 customer service

Flex Hangars



  • 格納庫

  • 駐車場を縛る

  • エプロン駐車場

  • 複数のFBO

  • ファイバーインターネットを含むユーティリティ

  • 24時間アクセス

  • 安全。



All Terrain Aircraft:    541-276-1727

*Certified Enstrom Service Center

General Aircraft Services:    541-276-3554

*Fire Fighting, Construction Support, Flight Instruction, Sightseeing

Pendleton Aircraft Services:    541-276-1441

*Airframe, Powerplant, Maintenance

Pendleton Aviation:    541-276-3313

*Aircraft Fueling, Pilot Services

South County Helicopter:    541-276-1727

*Aerial Spraying Application

Wildhorse Helicopter, Inc.:  541-310-9542

*Aerial Spraying Application, External Load Operation, Aviation Fueling

Aviation Fueling

Pendleton Aviation:     541-276-3313

*Jet A, 100LL, plus 24 Hr Self-Service Fueling, Deicing Services, Pilot Lounge

Wildhorse Aviation Fueling:   541-310-9542

*Jet A, 100LL, plus 24 Hr Self-Service Fueling, Deicing Services, Lav Services, 24 Hr Pilot Lounge

Air Freight Services

Empire Airlines - FedEx:  800-238-5355

Ameriflight - UPS:  800-452-9177


On-Site Tenants at the Pendleton Airport

Tenants in the Pendleton Airport Business Park:

There are quite a few businesses that operate at the Pendleton Airport and business park. The best way to see or contact the current tenants is to search for them on Google Maps Here.

Take Flight
Jet Stream above the airport



Workforce Housing

Luxury Apartments In Pendleton, Oregon

The Westgate Apartment Homes are located near Blue Mountain Community College and offer luxury living with an endless amenities package. For any additional questions or inquiries, please visit: 

Westgate Apartments | Apartments In Pendleton, OR

Westgate appartments sign for leasing
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